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code [HOT]MF:Real Network Monitor v 1.3 The Network Monitoring Solution

Real Network Monitor v 1.3 The Network Monitoring Solution
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Virus FREE Software
Accurate Internet Benchmark Speed Test, and Ping Latency Time function embedded in the application
Auto-Update and Auto-Select the new connected interfaces, if internet is down in DialUP case
Consumes minimal computer resources, Memory / CPU usage always is lowest
Only select the interface for see all statistics
Coded with maximum security features
Download / Upload Speed
Type / Speed / MAC Adress
Maximum Download / Upload Rate
Downloaded / Uploaded data by connection
Total Downloaded / Uploaded data with program running
* All with high precision and captured in bytes
Compatible with all adapters, including DialUP / Bluetooth / Wireless Connections
See the properties of the current Adapter, including DNS and IP Addresses
Save all data in a encrypted text file located in the root of EXE
Save the latest inferface selected in the UI for the next run
See the local IPs and variations with connection by Time
Written in English and Portugues do Brasil languages
Minimize to tray and other UI functions
Using Smart Installer Technology for the Setup, one click to install this program
Smart Uninstaller will kill all running applications of the program
How to use?
Very simple, only select the interface, and see the results !
I can’t see my IP or interface isn’t listed ?
Make the sure of:
The interface is connected
Is Enabled, Installed and Working
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP Family
Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2011 Family
* All Editions / Versions, including x64 systems
* Requires .NET Framework v3.5
Latest Release Changelog:
v1.3 [2011/11/13]
- Added an Advanced Property Installer, coded with many security features, simply, and faster install / uninstall
- Added an Advanced Speed Test with 3 levels, for all networks, working with all speeds
- Now, always notify the Minimize to Tray in a baloon
- Now save the latest inferface selected in the UI
- Organized the Form Showns, in the center parent
- Added an benchmark time for SpeedTest Function
- Added “AutoWriteConfig” every 30 seconds
- Accurate Speed Test finished now
- Added Minimize to Tray Function
- Optimized the code engineering
- Corrected codung conversions
- Added Aways On Top Function
- Added RunAtStartup Function
- Advanced Ping Latency Time
- Added some protections
- Updated the GUI Menus
- Fixed some bugs

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