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on Wed Apr 25, 2012 10:29 pm

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poll Adobe After Effects CS4 Visual Effects and Compositing Studio Techniques

May pinost ako nung isang araw tut/book sa adobe photoshop nakakita
naman ako ngayon na pang adobe after effercts palipat na lang if maling
section kasi pwede rin ito sa ebook kaso pangsoftware ang tut kaya dito
ko nilagay.

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Adobe After Effects CS4 Visual Effects and Compositing Studio Techniques

Adobe Press; |English |ISBN:-0321592018 |PDF | 497Pages | 20,4Mb
Description: This is the only book in the After Effects market to focus
exclusively on the-creation of visual effects, and is a one-stop
resource for anyone who¬wants¬in depth explanations that demystify the
realm of visual-effects and how they were created, thanks to veteran
author Mark Christiansen`s friendly and accessible style. A thoroughly
packed, informative read, this masterful guide focuses on explaining the
essential concepts,features,and techniques that are key to
creating-seamless movie-quality visual effects.Users who are comfortable
with After Effects will find a helpful review of After
Effects-fundamentals-managing footage, viewing and editing layers,
animating type, and more-so they can learn how to work smarter and-more
efficiently. Readers of all levels will learn core techniques for
effects compositing including color matching,keying,rotoscoping,-motion
tracking,emulating the camera, and concluding with using expressions in
AfterEffects, written by contributor and expert Dan Ebberts.The final
section of the book delves into creative explorations,demonstrating
professional effects that¬readers¬might want¬to¬re-create. Readers will
also find comprehensive coverage of all that`s new and makes this
version of Adobes effects program such a boon to video pros of all
stripes: searchable timelines and projects, Photoshop 3D layers import,
the Cartoon effect, Imagineer Systems & Mocha for Adobe After
Effects, improved workflow for mobile devices, and more. Throughout the
book, beautiful full color examples demonstrate what`s possible, while
the companion DVD offersdemos of After Effects CS4,sample footage, and

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