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on Thu Sep 20, 2012 7:22 pm

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code FullDataBackup 1.0.12

FullDataBackup 1.0.12
A simple and secure tool for on-line backup of your date.
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backs up all your computer data on-line to a secured data centre in a
simple and secure way. You can restore your data easily by signing in to
your account and choosing the files you wish to restore.

FullDataBackup monitors your files for changes every day and creates a
new backup; the old file is stored in the data centre, available to you
anytime. This feature is particularly perfect for cases when you
accidentally delete or overwrite an important document.

All data storages connected to your computer are backed up automatically.

You can review the backup list or remove a folder that you wish not to be backed up anytime.

The best thing is that you do not need to care how big your backup is; the provided space is completely unlimited.

One registration gets you truly unlimited space for your data. All you
need to do is to download and install our backup application, which
automatically scans your computer and finds files that are suitable for
backup. Without any action on your part, the application marks all
photos, videos, documents (Word, Excel, txt, PowerPoint, etc.) for
backup and starts the backup that takes place under SSL encrpytion. The
data is secured against erasure on several levels on our part.

All user data is encrpyted using 512-bit ciphering. To compare, most
banks in the world use only 256-bit encryption. The servers and your
data on them are monitored 24 hours a day in a building with top-level
security. If your computer fails and you will need to recover your data
from the backup, you only need to sign in and choose one of the offered
data recovery methods.

You can download your data free of charge, or have them sent to your
address on a DVD or an external drive (depending on the size of your
backup). The data is encrypted and access to it is possible only after
entering the password of your choice. Our services are free to try for
15 days. The monthly rate for an unlimited backup of your computer
amounts $5 only.


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