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code ProShow Gold 4.5 Full Version

ProShow Gold 4.5 Full Version with Keygen and Registration Key
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Gold is a consumer-level tool for creating slideshows from photos,
video clips and music. Built-in features allow users to customize
slideshows with transitions, slide styles and motion effects in the
style of the Ken Burns Effect. The software also has built-in CD, DVD
and Blu-ray burning capabilities and outputs to other formats including
MPEG video, Quicktime video, Flash Video, Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube.

Create instant shows on your desktop with unlimited photos, videos & music, plus easy customization.
Create slideshows with as many photos, videos and songs as you want. Add
multiple photos to one slide for fun, multi-layered effects.

Put those video clips to use. ProShow makes working with video just as
easy as using photos. Finally something to do with all those clips from
your camera or cellphone.
What's new in version 4.5
- Create Shows Automatically
- Wizard effortlessly builds complete shows with photos, videos, music and effects
- Wizard intelligently adds effects and builds a custom show with your content
- Nearly instant preview of your show – no need to wait for rendering
- Wizard shows can be edited in ProShow for full creative control
- Add photos, videos, text and music
- Control order of content, trim videos, and edit text
- Add your own custom soundtrack
- Pick from 14 different themes
- Create your own themes, and edit existing themes
- Bias the energy level to create shows that are calm, or shows that are a little crazy

- Over 110 New Transition Effects
- New effects you can use in any show
- Page curl, camera flash, gloss, curved path and more
- ProShow Gold now includes over 390 transition effects
- Add even more transitions with new Transition Packs

- All New Transition Chooser
- Completely redesigned interface for browsing and selecting transitions
- Categories let you easily search similar effects
- See the name and description of the selected effect
- Single-click to preview, double-click to apply (or just select, and click ‘Apply’)
- Drag the Transition Chooser to any spot on your screen
- From the preferences, configure ProShow to open the Transition Chooser where you left it
- Resize the Transition Chooser to control how much you see at once

- New Interface for Creating a New Show
- Improved New Show interface provides more options for starting a new show
- Launch the wizard to build a show automatically
- Create a new blank show, and specify the title and aspect ratio
- Open any recently used show
- Browse for an existing show to open
- New Show interface opens automatically at startup (can be disabled)

- Over 90 New Slide Styles
- Apply these new effects to any slide
- Focused on elegant and essential effects that work well in all shows
- ProShow Gold now includes over 140 slide styles

- Improved Video Creation
- Support for HD uploads to Vimeo
- Support for YouTube shows up to 15 minutes (previously limited to 10 minutes)
- Enhanced the overall quality of several video formats when using the Device Output feature
- Improved quality of MPEG 4 based video output

- Other Changes and Improvements
- Video trim values are now maintained when applying Slide Styles
- Folders list now provides access to Windows Music and Videos folders
- Fixed problem with audio clicks / blips at the beginning and end of audio tracks
- Fixed crash condition in output processes caused by trimmed / cropped video layers
- Fixed problems where layers in some shows could appear black
- Fixed missing save confirmation process when opening show from outside ProShow and show is already open
- Fixed quality problem affecting left channel of AAC based video output
- Fixed problem where Windows Taskbar could cover Choose Transition dialog
- Fixed video thumbnail option for Blu-ray menus
- Fixed rare problem where progressive encoded video output could be interlaced
- Fixed problem where layer Flip options could be reset when changing source files
- Fixed typo in Synchronize Show to Soundtrack dialog
- Fixed problems with AAC audio in video output
- Fixed problems where the Total Time field in Slide Options could fail to update
- Fixed startup problem caused by text setting in Windows 7
- Fixed video import failure affecting some MOV files
- Fixed the Pause button in DVD disc rendering dialog
- Fixed problem where video rendering could appear to stall on some shows
- Fixed problem where changing the source file for a video layer could incorrectly update slide time
- Fixed label in list of caption texture scaling options
- Fixed problem with missing right click menu for slide background image field
- Fixed problem where current slide name could fail to appear in Rename Slide dialog
- Fixed problem where MP4 files could fail to show in open file dialogs
- Fixed problem with Vimeo output
- Fixed problems with show backgrounds set to solid color
- Fixed problem where some MP3 files could fail to import properly
- Added option to cancel content import processes within the wizard
- Added ability to select multiple pieces of content at once in the wizard
- Shows created from wizard now include theme and energy values in Show Notes
- Fixed video import problem where multiple crash reports could occur
- Fixed problem where slide sounds could end prematurely
- Fixed crash problem that could occur while loading a slideshow
- Fixed problem where ProShow could appear to hang if closed while minimized
- Fixed problem where some MP3s were being reported as invalid
- Fixed crash caused by having too few layers when applying a slide style
- Fixed problem where some video layers could playback too quickly
- Fixed problems with layer order in shows created by the wizard
- Fixed problem where blank shows could be created with the wrong custom aspect ratio
- Fixed problems caused by changing title of Blank Show in New Slide Show dialog
- Fixed crash condition that could occur after applying a slide style
- Fixed problem where slides could become blank after sending a Problem Report.


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