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code Flash Android Device using RockChip Batch Tool

Flash Android Device using RockChip Batch Tool
How to use rockchip batch tool. We show about to Flash (.IMG) Stock Firmware by using RockChip Batch Tool for Android Devices.

Important note: Your Android Device might be charged up to 20/30% to perform Flashing Process. You must keep a backup your Personal data neither you will lose important data.
You need Android USB driver and Preloader Driver on your windows PC to Flashing Process. If the drivers are not then you have to Download and install it. If there already exist then will never have to do.

Flash Android Device using RockChip Batch Tool

  • RockChip Batch Tool must be Downloaded and extracted with winrar or 7zip your windows PC.
  • When the RockChip Batch Tool is launched you will see the following box. Then Click on the Box right to the FW Path.

  • After clicking the FW Path button then another dialog box will come to see. On there choose your (.IMG) stock firmware of your Android device and press open button. If there firmware loading completed successfully then Loading Firmware Finished written word will be seen.


  • Keep pressing your Android device’s volume up button till connecting with Rockchip Batch  tool to your device. When they will connected then a green sign will be seen.

  • If there connected your Android device with Rockchip Batch tool successfully then you have to press on Restore button from options for starting Flash process and wait.

  • After completing Flash process you will be noticed Restore Done Success massage.  Then you should understand that the flashing process of your device has been completed successfully. Now disconnect your Android device and turn on it.


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