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code [TUT] Puzzle Effect and Other Effects [Updated]

[size=38]My Third Tutorial


[size=38]Madali lang po itong tutorial na ito. Isang layer lang po ang gagamitin natin. Pwede nyong iretouch yung mga picture nio into this effect. simple lang. Credits to ---> [/size][size=38]Pstutorialsws[/size] 

[size=38]Lets begin. hehe [/size]

[size=38]Eto po ulit yung picture na ieedit ko. Crush ko kasi yan. kaya eto na muna. kayo pwede rin kayong magtry ng ibang picture na gusto nio.[/size]

[size=38]Step 1:[/size][size=38] Convert Background layer to smart object[/size]

[size=38]Right Click nyo yung background layer then select [/size][size=38]Convert to smart object[/size] 
[size=38]see the picture below[/size]

[size=38]Step 2: Gaussian Blur[/size]

[size=38]Pagkatapos mong maconvert into smart object yung layer, punta ka sa [/size][size=38]filter > blur > gaussian blur[/size][size=38] tapos ikaw na ang bahala magset ng radius ng picture. Kapag sa tingin mong tama na ang timpla then click [/size][size=38]OK[/size][size=38].[/size]

[size=38]Ganito ang labas ng picture. Blur na xa. Hehehe double click nyo yung icon sa baba ng layer. [/size][size=38]See the picture below[/size][size=38] Bali yan yung blending option ng layer. tpos next step na tayo.[/size]

[size=38]Step 3: Blending options[/size]

[size=38]Kapag na double click nio na yung icon. Set the blending options to [/size][size=38]Screen[/size][size=38] and the [/size][size=38]Opacity [/size][size=38]to 50%.[/size]
[size=38]See the picture below[/size]

[size=38]Kapag ayus na hit [/size][size=38]OK![/size][size=38] then boom! tapos na po ang pagreretouch sa picture. hehe Simple as that. isang layer lang po.[/size]

[size=38]Eto yung [/size][size=38]Before[/size][size=38] and [/size][size=38]After[/size][size=38] hehe[/size]

[size=38]salamat sa pagbabasa. hehe [/size]

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