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code [TUT]How to Create impressive backdrop for photos!

Create impressive backdrop for photos

Step 1:
 Go to menu File> New and create a new image size 1280x1024 pixels, resolution 300 pixels / inch.Press the D key to turn the palette of the two default colors (black / white), press Alt + Delete to fill the entire background black. Step 2: Create a new layer, named Background 2 located on the Background layer.Fill the background color # 4E2835 to this layer.

Click the Add Layer Mask icon beneath the Layers palette to create a layer mask to the Background layer 2.

Select Filter> Render> Clouds.

Select the Brush Tool with a soft brush (soft round).

Create a new layer named Darker located on the same position, fill the four corners of the black image as shown below.

Step 3:
 Open the file girl portrait (download here ), use one of the select tool (Pen Tool, Magic Wand Tool, Magnetic Lasso) to select the white background around the girl, make sure you choose the white area between the arms and waist (click to add the Shift key when selecting).

Press Ctrl + Shift + I to invert the selection (just take the girl). Press Ctrl + C to copy.

Return to the main image, press Ctrl + V to paste the image into the girl.

Step 4:
 Do black background color so you will see the white border around the girl. To remove, select the Eraser Tool, turn stroking a white border to clear them up.

After deleting it, you will get results as shown below.

Step 5:
 Double click the layer containing the girl (Layer 1), choose Blending Options, in turn set the parameters as shown below.


Step 6:
 Create a new layer beneath Layer 1, named Dot.

Select the Brush Tool with a soft brush (soft round), color code # 402F35, size about 5 pixels.

On the Window menu> Brush. Set the parameters in Table Brush as shown below.

Next, you put the dots over the area around the girl.

Similarly, you create a new layer, named Dot 2, dots dots over the area surrounding purple to create spillover effects.

Place the cursor at Dot 2 layer, choose Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur, set the parameters as shown below.


Step 7:
 Create a new layer, named Mau 1 is located underneath the girl. Using the Ellipse Tool (U key) draw a yellow circle (color code # F1B014) at the position of her hand.

Similarly, you create a layer Mau 2 contains a red circle (color code # E3283D).

Mau circle on layer 3 is the color code # F5DCB4.

Finally, the blue circle (color code # 0098C9) corresponds to the Mau layer 4.

You rearrange the order of the circle below.

Step 8:
 Turn create layer mask for the layer containing the circle, use the Brush tool with a large black brush strokes remove the intersection between the circles.

Similarly, you create the left circle in the opposite direction as shown below.

Step 9:
 Create a new layer above all other layers, named Mau Am, Fill the # B23E1B for this layer. Set the blending mode to Multiply and the sample layer Opacity to 45%.

Place the cursor at the position bordering sample layer and Layer 1, press the Alt key and click to create relationships for both father and son this layer.


Step 10:
 Create a new layer on top, named Caro, fill this layer white.

Select Filter> Filter Gallery> Sketch> Halftone Pattern, set the parameters as shown below.

You will gain caro black background as shown below.

Set the blending mode to Soft Light layer Caro, and Opacity 34%.


Step 11:
 Place the cursor at Caro layer, click the icon circle black / white beneath the Layers panel, select Curves.

Set parameters from Curves as shown below.


Step 12:
 Create a new layer at the topmost position, use the Brush Tool with a soft brush orange (color code # DF882B), paint over her right shoulder.

Set the blend mode to Linear Dodge, Opacity 80%.

Similarly, you create a new layer, use the Brush Tool with white soft brush (color code # FFFFFF), paint over her left shoulder. Opacity 50%.

Step 13:
 Select the Line Tool, 1px size, color code # FF9D56. Draw an angled line as shown below, select the blend mode to Color Dodge, Opacity to 80% for the layer containing the tilt.

Similarly, you create many different angled line.

Select all of the inclined layer, press Ctrl + E, use the Erase Tool tool with Opacity 75%, two bowl slightly inclined each way. Results:

Step 14:
 Place the cursor at the layer containing the angled line, press Ctrl + J to duplicate this layer. Set the blend mode to Darker Color, Opacity 80% of the duplicated layer.

The end result:

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