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code Fill layer effects

Stock used
*. Female model:
*. Background:
*. Rain Brushes:

Step 1
Start by opening the backgroundstock image. For a better composition I cropped the background image. See the result on image 1 . In order to create the final color effect I used a Photo Filter and a Color Fill adjustment layers.
For the Photo Filter i used the Warming Filter (LBA) I set t he Density to 65% and the blend mode to Darken . For the Color Fill (Solid Color) I used the color #e7830d , the Overlay blend mode and Opacity to 30%

Step 2

Crop the woman from the background and place it on your canvas as shown in the image below. I started adding the first light effects on the woman using Layer Styles. I created some rim lights using Inner Shadow , Inner Glow and Outer Glow . If you are good at painting you can paint those by hand. On image 2 you can see the styles I applied to the stock image

This is the result I got after applying the styles above

Step 3
Use Levels adjustment on the woman layer to bump up the shadows a bit. I also used the Smudge Tool to recreate part of the hair that I cut when I extracted the woman.

Step 4
Paint some shadows under the woman feet. Shadows always make things more realistic.

Step 5
I added a couple more adjustment layers: Photo Filter and Solid Color again.
For the Photo Filter I used the color #ec8a00 with Density at 55 % and Normal blend mode at 100% layer Opacity . For the Solid Color/Color Fill layer I used the color #2938c3 on Softlight at 100% Opacity. The result can be seen on image 5

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