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warn Photoshop Collection

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Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 Extended software delivers even more imaging
magic, new creative options, and the Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine for
blazingly fast performance. Retouch with greater precision, and
intuitively create 3D graphics, 2D designs, and movies using new and
reimagined tools and workflows.

New Features

Enhance your creativity and boost your productivity. Adobe® Photoshop®
CS6 Extended software delivers blazingly fast performance with the new
Adobe Mercury Graphics Engine, groundbreaking new Content-Aware tools,
simplified 3D artwork creation, reengineered design tools, and more.

Content-Aware Patch

Patch images with greater control using Content-Aware Patch, which
allows you to choose the area that Content-Aware will use to create your

Mercury Graphics Engine

See near-instant results when you're editing images with key tools such
as Liquify and Puppet Warp, creating 3D artwork, and working with matte
paintings and other large files.

3D performance boost

Experience enhanced performance throughout your 3D workflows. View
shadows and reflections in all editing modes, quickly render final work
in Adobe RayTrace mode thanks to the Mercury Graphics Engine, and much

3D controls at your fingertips

Use a vastly simplified user interface to intuitively create and animate
3D artwork. Use in-context and on-canvas controls to manipulate cages
for 3D extrusions, change the orientation of scenes and objects, edit
lights, and more.

New and reengineered design tools

Create superior designs faster. Get consistent formatting with type
styles, use vector layers to apply strokes and add gradients to vector
objects, easily create custom strokes and dashed lines, quickly search
layers, and more.

New Blur Gallery

Quickly create photographic blur effects using a simple new interface
with on-image controls. Create tilt-shift effects, blur everything and
then sharpen one focal point, or vary the blurriness between multiple
focal points. The Mercury Graphics Engine delivers immediate results.

All-new Crop tool

Crop images faster and with greater precision using the all-new,
nondestructive Crop tool. Manipulate your images on canvas, and take
advantage of the Mercury Graphics Engine to see your adjustments happen

Modern user interface

Work with a fresh, elegant interface featuring dark background options
that make your images pop, and benefit from hundreds of design touches
that create a smoother, more consistent editing experience.

New reflections and draggable shadows

Quickly achieve 3D realism by adding and enhancing shadows and
reflections on your ground plane. Drag a shadow to reposition the light
source, and easily edit ground reflections, shadows, and other effects.

Intuitive video creation

Bring Photoshop image editing power to your videos. Easily enhance any
clip using the full range of familiar Photoshop editing tools, and
combine clips and stills with transitions, audio, and effects such as
pan and zoom.

Background Save

Keep on working even while saving the largest of Photoshop files in the
background — a performance improvement that can help your productivity


Let the auto-recovery option work behind the scenes to save your edits
without interrupting your progress. A copy of your work is saved every
10 minutes and recovered in the event of an unexpected shutdown.

Easy alignment and distribution of 3D objects

Create rich 3D scenes in less time now that you can automatically align
3D objects to the vanishing point in your image and manipulate a group
of 3D objects at one time using a new multiselect option.

Content-Aware Move

Move or extend a selected object to another area of your image, and then
watch as Content-Aware Move magically recomposes and blends the object
for a stunning visual result.

Pa add po ng REPUTATION para post pa ako maraming freebies

CS4 - [Only admins are allowed to see this link]
CS5 - [Only admins are allowed to see this link]
CS6 - [Only admins are allowed to see this link]
[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

PASSWORD: jerfox

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Were Gaming Reaches To The Next Level

F u c K Off All Game Master

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X-Trap / Game Guard / Hack Shield

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